About Us

Team BikinCV

Everything began in 2019 where our founder, Adisthana Wijaya ran a job vacancy information account on Instagram and often got some questions about recommendations for CV (Curriculum Vitae) maker service that is faster with a great quality of work.

Obviously there are many kinds of services that give a good result, but it’s rare to find a service that is with an easy and faster process.

Then there was this idea to make BikinCV, a website platform to make a CV via online. A user just needs to fill in some data for the CV, choose a design, do the checkout, and then the CV could be downloaded through a user dashboard. It just takes 5 minutes.

In BikinCV, we believe that for you to make a CV and a Cover Letter, it must be easy and faster. That’s why we build a system with a practical process, so a user from any device and wherever they come from with an internet connection can make a CV and a Cover Letter, then a user can send them at that moment.

We also did some research, and found in CV and Cover Letter that having a good and right format with a captivating design is getting more attention by a recruiter, so it can give our user a chance for the interview step or next step.

Our Vision and Mission...
Our vision is to always innovate to give the best experience to making a CV and Cover Letter easily, faster, and practical. And our mission is to help a job seeker to get a bigger chance to get the job that they want with support from a great quality of CV and Cover Letter.

To get our vision and mission above, we are in BikinCV team, always make a commitment and always stay focus to develop BikinCV to be better everyday with us always trying to solve every problems that facing our users.

Until now, our platform already made ... CVs & Cover Letters with up to ... registered users, and will continue grow. From Bali to Indonesia, from Bali to the world. Best Regards, BikinCV Team