Best Cover Letter Templates

Create a Cover Letter with a several choice of templates from BikinCV. Get a greater chance of passing the recruiters with a good and correct cover letter.


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Template CV Menarik Untuk Segala Keperluan

Make a Good and Correct Cover Letter

In applying for a job, there are two important files that are always the main requirements, namely a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a Cover Letter. These two files often confuse the job applicants and sometimes the job applicants don't know the difference.

The most striking difference between these two files is in the contents, where the CV describes very complete and detailed personal data, while the Cover Letter focuses more on data related to the job you are applying for.

Cover Letter Examples

There are so many examples of Cover Letters that you can compare the contents with the CV if you are still confused about the difference. The role of the Cover Letter is usually as an introduction or like an opening greeting before the Human Resource Committee/Department reads your more detailed data on your CV or Curriculum Vitae.

The contents of a cover letter usually contain an opening sentence, a brief personal data, a body sentence, a list of attachments and a closing sentence. With the development of technology, you don't need to bother anymore to find a sample cover letter, especially with the existence of BikinCV, you not only get examples, but you can immediately create them easily and quickly on BikinCV.

Do you need a cover letter? In BikinCV, you can make it without the hassle of determining the words. So you don't need to be confused anymore in preparing a cover letter, just come to BikinCV and make your self ready to start to apply for a job.