Terms and Conditions of the Service

The terms and conditions in this page (“Terms & Conditions of the Service”) binds the user of our website www.bikincv.com, as a register user or a party that only visit this website just to look around, or someone who plan to make a CV (Curriculum Vitae) to comply and abide with certain conditions that has been appointed by the party of bikincv.com

Through accessing or using www.bikincv.com, it means that every user deems to accept, understand, agree, and consent to comply with the content of Terms & Conditions below. Terms & Conditions of the service could change or be updated anytime by bikincv.com without an announcement first. If the user disagrees with these Terms & Conditions, then bikincv.com welcomes the user to not using www.bikincv.com anymore.


1. bikincv.com is a company with the activities to hold a website that works as a CV (Curriculum Vitae) creation that is faster, easier, and practical which is accessible on the website address www.bikincv.com.
2. The user is the party that uses the service of bikincv.com, including and not limited to a registered member, a potential user or any party that only looks around the website.
3. The activity of the service is every activity / interaction / transaction that’s been done by the user on the provided service and/or searched by the user in www.bikincv.com website.
4. The personal information is the information about the user itself that consist of but not limited above the service on the username, email, password, name, telephone number, address, etc, that’s being input by the user when using the service of www.bikincv.com
5. The service of bikincv.com is a service to provide an interactive and informative CV (Curriculum Vitae) creation, that’s provided through www.bikincv.com website to be accessible by the user.
6. The maker of the CV is a person / company / other party who uses the service of bikincv.com to create CV (Curriculum Vitae) in www.bikincv.com website.

The Limitation of Responsibility

bikincv.com isn't responsible for the information, data, picture and any other additional information that’s available or published in this website, which the information gets posted by the maker of the CV for any purpose. The user is advised to be more wise when downloading the personal data in this website.

bikincv.com makes a statement that bikincv.com isn’t responsible for all of guarantee and condition, including all the implication from guarantee, quality, or appropriateness on all of the data or information that’s been uploaded by the CV (Curriculum Vitae) maker. In any condition, bikincv.com doesn’t responsible on the loss, whether it’s specific, direct, indirect or have a characteristic as consequential, any loss or damage caused by the loss of using, data or benefit, whether it’s in a binding action, negligence or any other mistake, that is arise from or related to the uses or performances from the service provided.

bikincv.com, whether it is one, a half or an entire employee don’t responsible for the direct or indirect impact from the decision that’s been made by the CV (curriculum vitae) maker when uploading their personal data in this website.

bikincv.com isn't responsible or have a duty to the third party on the content and/or the material that’s been put by the CV maker from bikincv.com website. The responsibility of the content and/or the material of the CV get posted by the CV maker is the responsibility entirely by the CV maker.

bikincv.com isn’t responsible if for some reason bikincv.com isn't available anywhere or for any period of time.

Information, picture, or any other information that’s been posted or published in this website could consist of inaccuracy or typography mistakes. Bikincv.com might do some changes or improvements, and/or update some information that’s available in this website from time to time.

The material in bikincv.com website could expire anytime and bikincv.com isn’t responsible for renewing that material.

The service that is given by bikincv.com through www.bikincv.com website is “as how it is” without any guarantee. bikincv.com strictly refuses any guarantee regarding security, reliability, and conduct of the activities that’s been done by the user of the website and guarantee and certain rules about any violation, could get trade and appropriateness for some purpose. In anything, bikincv.com doesn’t have a duty according to Terms and Conditions of The Service related to direct loss, specific, indirect, or things that against the law or any other law theory, even though we’ve been told about the loss and even though negligence happens with an important decision from a limited repairment.

The user understand and agree that using and conducting activity in www.bikincv.com website by the user on the policy and the risk of the user itself, and the user is the only one who has the full responsibility regarding the user material, and on the damage of the computer system or the loss of the data that possibly happen because of the activity that’s conducted.

The user specifically recognizes that bikincv.com will not be responsible on the material or conduct related to defamation, any activity that violates law, or any activity that is against the law anything from the third party that’s related to bikincv.com and the risk on loss or damage from those things is on the user.

Quid Pro Quo

The user agree to release, defend, and remove bikincv.com, the affiliated company, and the CEO, the worker, and the agents from and toward a demand or all demand, duty, loss, and the cost (including the cost of law, the compensation of loss and some amount of reasonable solution) that arise from or related with or to surface from the user and/or the accessabilities of bikincv.com service through www.bikincv.com website; a violation on the terms in Terms and Conditions of the Service by the user, a violation toward any third party, include but not limited to rights on intellectual property, the asset whether it’s a moving asset or the asset that is not moving, the rights of privacy, and/or any demand related to the user material that causing some loss to the third party. bikincv.com could also join for the same defense with the lawyer.

The User Obligation

The user has to keep their personal data from loss/damage, including but not limited to the effort to prevent the personal data of the user doesn’t misused by another party/ being faked.

The user needs to comply and obey the law that’s applied in the Republic of Indonesia. All the action that’s against, violate, not appropriate include not limited to the compliance to the statutory law becoming the user responsibility entirely.

The user know and agree that bikincv.com can’t be asked for responsibility by the user and/or any party on several things, include but not limited to:

1. The loss of personal data
2. The falsification of the user personal data
3. The loss of benefit or profit
4. The loss of the business
5. The lost of the profit or a bond
6. The lost of savings that has been anticipated before
7. The loss of data
8. The loss of goodwill
9. The loss of time of management or office that get wasted, and
10. The loss or damage in any form, despite how it surfaces and whether it’s happening because of negligence, a violation toward a bond or anything, even though it’s expected before.
11. All the loss caused by the using of the personal data or the account belong to the user that indicates the violation of law and/or the misused by the party that is not authorized.
12. All the loss and/or damage because the operational and/or could disturb toward the service of bikincv.com because what happen is force majeure, that’s including but not limited to:

Natural disaster,
Fire incident,
Mass strike,
An uprising or any military conduct,
Any action from the authorized party impact the ongoing service of bikincv.com Any action from the third party that cause bikincv.com couldn’t provide the service There is a decision or changes from certain related institutions including the government that would affect the service of bikincv.com.

Content Description/Website Material

The material that’s been shown in www.bikincv.com website is provided without a certain or a guarantee regarding the content, the material, and the accuracy. As long as it’s allowed by the law applied in the Republic of Indonesia, bikincv.com and the third party that’s related to bikincv.com firmly make exception:

All the rules, guarantee, and any other requirement could be stated directly or indirectly by the statutory law as the content, the material, or the accuracy. The duty on the loss or damage direct, indirectly or caused by the the user is the user responsibility in related to the bikincv.com website or in related to the using, inability to use, or the cause by using bikincv.com website, every website that’s been related with it and every material that’s been put to it.

The Conduct of Activity

www.bikincv.com website is a website that’s been operated and owned by bikincv.com, a company that’s been builded according to the law of the Republic of Indonesia, comply to the the law of the Republic of Indonesia, Every question regarding bikincv.com or bikincv.com website could be asked to info@bikincv.com.

The access of the www.bikincv.com website is available to the commons. But, bikincv.com could take away and/or change the service that’s been provided without announcement first.

From time to time, bikincv.com could limit the access to every part from the website and/or the whole www.bikincv.com website to the user.

If the user chooses and is given an identification user code, password, or any other part of the information as a part of the procedure of security of bikincv.com, thus the user must keep the information in secrecy and couldn’t reveal it to the third party.

bikincv.com could shut down the function of the user identification code or password, despite whether it’s chosen by the user or being decided by bikincv.com in any condition and at any time.

When using www.bikincv.com website, the user needs to follow the policy instructions accepted using and agreed by bikincv.com in accordance with the privacy policy content.

The user is responsible to conduct all the rules that’s been needed to access the www.bikincv.com website. The user is responsible to make sure that everyone who access bikincv.com website through the user internet, knows about the Terms & Conditions of the Service and comply with it.

The Change of the Website

bikincv.com has a right to update and/or change www.bikincv.com website regularly and could update it anytime and/or change the layout and the content, for the sake of giving the best service to every user.

If it’s needed, bikincv.com could suspend the access to www.bikincv.com, or close it temporarily for an indefinite period of time.

The information related to the user and the user visiting bikincv.com website, bikincv.com has a right to cultivate the information related to the user in accordance to the policy that’s been posted in Privacy Policy. With the creation in bikincv.com, the user agrees on the process and guarantees all the data that’s been given is right.

Uploading the Material to bikincv.com Website

If the user is using the feature that make a possibility for the user to upload their material to www.bikincv.com and/or to conduct a relation with the other user from www.bikincv.com website, then the user must be fulfil the standard that’s been set in the policy as appointed as in Privacy Policy.

The user has a duty to make a compensation to bikincv.com if there’s a loss because the user doesn’t comply with the policy of www.bikincv.com, that’s been done by the user whether it’s on purpose or not.

Every material that’s been uploaded by the user in bikincv.com website is deem as the material that doesn’t have a secrecy characteristic, and not protected by the ownership rights and bikincv.com has a right to use, copy, change, disseminate, including not limited to the reveal of the material to the third party for every purpose.

bikincv.com has a right to reveal a user identity to the third party that makes a claim that the material that’s been put and uploaded by the user to the www.bikincv.com website violates the intellectual rights or the rights of the third party, in accordance to the law in Indonesia.

bikincv.com has a right to delete and/or change the content, material, or any other part of advertisement, whether it’s a half or the entire material that’s been posted by the user in www.bikincv.com website without announcement first to the user, including but not limited to things that has the characteristic of sensitivity, offensive, could invoke hate, defamation, consist of material that could provoke conflict related to ethnic, religion, race, among groups, pornography, gamble, or anything that’s against the norm and ethics of decency and the law that’s applied in the Republic of Indonesia, and also if it’s not align with the instruction of bikincv.com business.

Link From bikincv.com

www.bikincv.com website could contain a link to another website and/or resource that’s been provided by the third party, where bikincv.com asserts that the link is provided just as part of information for the user. bikincv.com detach from the duty on control the content from another website and/or resource that’s been shown as hyperlink in bikincv.com

Bikincv.com is not responsible for the loss and/or damage that would surface caused by another link in bikincv.com.

The Jurisdiction and The Applicable Laws

This Terms & Condition of The Service of bikincv.com and the relation between the user and bikincv.com comply, set to, and obey the laws in the Republic of Indonesia, and the user agrees to be bound to the jurisdiction of the Republic of Indonesia.


bikincv.com could anytime change the Terms & Conditions of the Service of bikincv.com without announcement first, and because of that, the user needs to read first the Terms & Conditions of the Service of bikincv.com before doing any activities. With activity through the service of bikincv.com, the user has stated to agree to comply and bound up to the rules of using the service of bikincv.com

The user needs to check this page from time to time to pay attention to every change, because it bounds up the user.

This half of the rules in the Terms & Condition of the Service of bikincv.com could get replace by conditions or another announcement that would be publish in another part of www.bikincv.com website.

Other Else

If a conflict arises in the comprehending and conduct of the Terms & Conditions of the Service of bikincv.com, bikincv.com and the user agree to resolve it by deliberation and agreement.

If the user has another thing to convey, or has any comments or concern related to the material that’s been shown in this bikincv.com website, don’t hesitate to contact info@bikincv.com.

Thank you for your visit to the bikincv.com website.

Last Updated: 17/11/2019